March 3, “Vinnitsa Wolves” will rush into battle for the Monte Clark Cup Arena

Next Sunday, March 3, Vinnitsa Wolves will take part in the Monte Clark Cup Arena international tournament, which will be held in Minsk.

“Wolves” will represent Ukraine, and their rivals will be teams from different countries and cities: “Zubry” (Minsk, Belarus), “Gunsmiths” (Petrozavodsk, Russia), “Amber Hawks” (Kaliningrad, Russia), “Iron Wolves” (Vilnius, Lithuania), “Barbarians” (Grodno, RB), at the last moment replacing the “Northern Legion” (St. Petersburg). The tournament will be held in one day, and all games – under the dome of an indoor football arena at 20/2, Pobediteley Ave. If you are somewhere nearby, call in to support the Vinnitsa team! Or follow the operational messages on the ULAF page on Facebook.

According to preliminary information, the president of the ULAF, Sergei Kireev, will go to Minsk to support the Ukrainian players. In addition to supporting Volkov, the president plans to hold several business meetings with representatives of the Belarusian Federation of American Football, the Committee of Judges of Belarus and clubs participating in the competition.