May 4, «Kyiv Patriots» – «Odessa Storm». Match preview

Next Saturday, May 4, a meeting between «Kyiv Patriots» and «Odessa Storm» will be held at the «Lokomotiv» stadium in Kiev. The match takes place within the framework of the 2nd round of the ULAF American Football Championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019.

What awaits us? At least the first quarter of both clubs will look to each other. In Odessa, as I wrote earlier, a rather young quarterback. And at the same time in the match of the first round the team brought several touchdowns, playing at home against the capital’s «Stallions». Also Odessa has a foreign legionary Fiver Aaron, who was marked by a touchdown in the first game of the season.

If we are talking about «Patriots», then everything is extremely simple. The team played, the American coach, a good quarterback and the result of the last away game is 30 points more than the guys from the Dnieper. But the last result does not mean anything to any of the opponents.

Yes, the «Patriots» have the advantage of the home field, and the «Storm» will be after a long journey. But this is American football, ladies and gentlemen, anything is possible in it.


Denis Polubinsky