May 5, «Dnipro United» – «Kharkiv Atlantes». Match preview

On May 5, in the city of Dnepr, another match of the 2nd round of the ULAF American Football Championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019 will take place between teams «Dnipro United» and guests «Atlantes» from Kharkov.

«Atlantes» has a story. Even not so, «Atlantes» is the story of American football in Ukraine. They were the first in those days when jeans had to buy somewhere in the doorway, around the corner, and that the police did not catch. Then, when the word “аmerican” caused mixed feelings in people over 30 years old – from hate to lively interest. It was in those difficult times in Kharkov that the first team appeared in our country. The history of the victories and defeats of the «Atlantes» is very large, and I will not dwell on it. But this year in the Super League «Atlantes» is really a dark horse. We do not know about their first match because it was not there (that’s how the calendar was formed). But we know their rival, «Dnipro United». The last game against the «Patriots» guys from the Dnieper could not win. In the comments after the meeting, Maxim Vasilyk explained the reasons – the combined club, the lack of time for teamwork of the players. And is it important.

What we will see in the Sunday game is extremely difficult to predict. «Atlantes» will dominate, but how will «United» behave?


Denis Polubinsky