Alexander Belokon: «The children’s «Wolves» teams are beginning to slowly bear fruit»

ULAF publishes another excellent interview with the functionary of the «Vinnitsa Wolves» – Alexander Belokon. The history of the club from Vinnitsa is rich in both victories and defeats. Last season for the team, unfortunately, passed by and this was surprising to many, because «Wolves» always showed a constant increase in both the composition of the players and the level of development of the club. And here they are again with us! What we will see from this strong team in the Super League 2019, and we will tell Alexander Belokon.


Alexander Belokon, «Vinnitsa Wolves»


ULAF: Hello Alexander! Traditionally, we start with the most important question: how was the off-season for the “Wolves”?

Alexander: Hello! The offseason for our team was very long, since last season we did not really play. The decision not to play was made due to personnel problems. We hoped for a year to recruit and prepare new players, but, unfortunately, not everything worked out as we wanted. One good thing is that the children’s teams are beginning to slowly bear fruit and we got a small landing party of the younger generation.


ULAF: Children’s successes are great! But how do you see your first game in the adult championship?

Oleksandr: The first game of the season will be with «Lviv Lions». This is an ambitious team that progresses every year, so the game certainly will not be easy


ULAF: What is the task of the club in the future championship?

Oleksandr: The main task in the championship is to return to the football life we are used to, to adjust all game processes with the staff, show the young what big football is and of course fight for victory in every match.


ULAF: Your mood can not but rejoice. What would you like to improve for yourself as a team this year?

Alexander: The main problem for us now is the number of staff, this is the main thing that I would like to improve. Competition among the players motivates them to become better, and a big bench is an important factor.


ULAF: Alexander, we thank you for the wonderful interview and wish your team success in the championship!

The Wolves are back. I wonder if they can get into someone’s «smoking room»? We find out very soon!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky