Alfonsin Williams: – I am very proud of the «Patriots»

On Sunday, April 21, two games of the ULAF American Football Championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019 took place at once. The match between «Vinnitsa Wolves» and «Lviv Lions» was described in great detail by Mikhail Gordienko, which means I bring to your attention the match «Dnipro United» against «Kyiv Patriots».


It’s no secret that the team from the city of Dnepr participates in two championships at once: SUPER LEAGUE 2019 and the first league. But the compositions are different, not much, and yet. Also, many of you know that «United» is a new club, but based on well-known old ones. The merger process helped the team get a full-fledged gaming lineup and resolve the issue in all positions. But there was another problem, how to play all together? I suspect that this issue was taken by the leadership during the whole off-season. The first match in the Super League for United, alas, was unsuccessful. And at the same time, the guys were able to drag one touchdown, but without success in the subsequent implementation. By the way, this touchdown was brought by Maxim Vasilik, he will tell us about his impressions of the game a little later. And as a contender, for a minute, the champions of last year – «Kyiv Patriots» immediately!

«Patriots» we know very well for the past seasons: the coach is an American, Alfonsin Williams; there are legionaries; although the composition played over several years suffered some losses, yet it was played; big roster.

In this game, «Patriots» have already implemented 5 touchdowns: 2 – Stupitsky Ivan and Alexander Falko, Sergey Bezsky and Sergey Lysyuchenko one at a time. There were 3 implementations each with 2 points. They are on account of Alexander Falco, Dmitry Zakharash and legionary Bon Darren.

Below I bring to your attention comments from representatives of rival clubs on Sunday.


Maxim Vasilyk:

– The most positive impressions, it is always pleasant to play against strong teams. Our team was formed just a couple of months ago, there is a lot of misunderstanding, lack of communication. A «Patriots» – a good, long playing together team. I am sure our victories are still ahead.


Alfonsin Williams:

– I am very proud of our team, it was a good first step in the direction we need. We will have much better to come up with the next opponent, and we have all the possibilities for that. There are still a lot of games ahead, and history shows that there will be ups and downs. Each tour will be different from the previous one and only become more difficult. We will need to rely on our experience, our “unity” and on the strength of the spirit in order to move only forward. We respect «United», and as a young team, they have room to grow with a solid foundation and great potential. Now we are focused on Odessa and on how to achieve the coveted result as a team.


ULAF and I personally wish all the teams good luck in the upcoming matches! In the meantime, we have an Easter break and a great opportunity to recover, and a linear “gain weight” after a long post.


Denis Polubinsky