April 20, in Odessa «Stallions» will experience «Storm»


This weekend, the ULAF will delight its fans with three matches of the Super League-2019. Today we will present the announcement of the first game, which will be held on April 20 – between Odessa «Storm» and Kiev «Stallions».

Earlier, we have already published pre-interviews with representatives of both teams, so we’ll briefly cover the main topics.



With the compositions of both teams, one might say, lucky. For example, «Storm» attack was again intensified by Aaron Fiver. As the representative of the club, Sergey Bayol, said, «our American legionary and inspirer of the attack returned to us». Sergey also hinted that the team roster rejuvenated well: «We also have a new attack leader, young and promising quarterback Vladislav Vasilevsky, who will try his hand for the first time as the main point guard of our team. We hope that this season we will be able to combine the young fuse of newcomers and the experience of the old-timers team». In Kiev «Stallions» also had no problems with the roster this year. As stated in his comments for the site of the ULAF Maxim Shilo, the team has 60 people. And many of them have previously played for other clubs.



Due to the fact that many clubs voted for the early start of the ULAF Championship, the match on April 20 between Odessa and Kiev, instead of a friendly one, became a full-fledged stage of the Super League. Evaluating the odds of winning someone else is difficult. But note that both clubs already had gaming experience in 2019. For example, several «Storm» players took part in the Romanian Championship, while «Stallions» had the opportunity to play a friendly match away in Poland against the Lublin team «Tytani».


Anyway, on April 20 we will find out who will rise in the standings and who will remain in place…


Denis Polubinsky