UPD: «Azov Dolphins» will be engaged in youth and children

On the site of the «Azov Dolphins» there was an announcement about the creation of a children’s team U-13 and a youth team U-15. A set is in progress. The coaches will be experienced players of the main part of «Dolphins».

«Azov Dolphins» is not the only Ukrainian club that decided to create a children’s section of American football. Plans to create a children’s team are also being hatched by the «Patriots», whose player Igor Protskyh recently returned from China. There he trained as a children’s trainer and is now determined to teach children the skills of playing American football in Kiev.

Currently, children are fully engaged in only three cities: in the Vinnytsia «Wolves», in Kiev «Hammerers» and in Rovno «Monarchs».

UPD: Children’s teams are also developing in Zdolbunov, Rivne region. There, the team “Eagles” is recruiting children and youths in the age groups U-13, U-15 and U-17.