Great weekend of American football in Ukraine. Not last! Part 1. East

On Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th, this weekend of American football took place! Immediately 4 matches SUPER LEAGUE 2019 in the second round. Some games were a revelation, some ended up as expected.

Each game will be disassembled in future articles, but for now, briefly about everything. In this part – about the games of the Eastern Division.


Saturday May 4th, «Kyiv Patriots» vs. «Odessa Storm». The outcome of the match 54-2 in favor of Kiev. “Patriots”, indeed, confidently feel in their division.

In a short comment, the head coach of the Kiev club said that the preparation for the match is very serious. The words were confirmed on the field, and the result is visible in the final score. Taking into account my presence at the game, I can safely say that the absolute MVP of the duel from the side of «Patriots» can be called player number 99 – defender Andrei Kosinsky. Two interceptions per game in the first and second half of the match. And both times run through the entire field. Incredible match with great dynamics. I pay tribute to the Odessa club – a young quarterback, under constant pressure, tried to squeeze the most out of their skills. He also helped him with the title number 17 – Sergey Byol. Whether fatigue is a long road, acclimatization (in Kiev there is still no sea J) played a role, but Storm lost and left home with nothing.


Sunday, May 5, «Dnipro United» vs. «Atlantes Kharkiv». A total of 12-48 in favor of Kharkov.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to view the match. And I know now only the bill, but in the large review I will definitely correct and try to find out all the details. It’s no secret that «Atlantes» is the very first American football team in Ukraine. And in the match of the second round of the ULAF American football championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019 they confirmed that one of the strongest. The gap in the bill is big. And if we take into account the mood of the club, we can safely say that the next opponents of Kharkiv need to be prepared very seriously. Whether the result of the Dnieper surprised? I think no. I wrote earlier and will write again: the guys gathered this year for the first time. And now they are, conditionally, reconnaissance in force. Is there any chance of success at «United»? Definitely there, because there are still games with «Storm» and «Stallions» and the coveted Wildcard, where everything can turn out to be a success for them. We will observe and support!


To be continued.

Denis Polubinsky