Great weekend of American football in Ukraine. Not last! Part 2. West

Sunday May 5, «Kyiv Capitals» versus «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks». The score is 45-2 in favor of the capital guys.

Dynamic, bright and very strong game. As in Saturday’s match, 2 points were “presented” because of an error. The first half of the quarterback is played by Maxim Cherepivsky (No. 2). The second half in half – George Verbenko (№8) and Komaritsky Taras (№10). Before the start of the match, all teams must provide a list of players who, one way or another, but will participate in the game (on the border or directly on the field, it does not matter). Caps provided a list of 60 players, and it seems that almost all of them were involved. Uzhgorod team had to play only 27 athletes. And it is not surprising, since Yevgeny Rakhimov (No. 70), even before the start of the season, stated that the team was experiencing some difficulties with the lineup. Half of the young players, the other part – the players from other clubs. The experience of participating in the HFL did not help much, but it was still tangible. The quarterback Alexei Krivozubov (№60), at my discretion, did not have enough time to make a pass. Almost all the throws were uncertain. And it seemed that the team had no luck – what can we say when a pass is received, and the ball just slips out, as if oiled. And plus the protection of Kiev, which blitz at any opportunity. But this is not the end, but definitely the beginning. After all, the “Loggers” are back in the ranks. And if this match has become a real discovery for the club of its real possibilities, then the next ones can be much more interesting. Calling the MVP of a match is very difficult. All played at the maximum.

Sunday May 5th, «Lviv Lions» vs. «Kyiv Slavs». Account after the whistle 21-0 in favor of the «Capitals».

A review of this match will be prepared by the direct participant of the match and the player of the Kiev team – Mikhail Gordienko. I only briefly insert my 5 kopecks. Was the result logical? Perhaps yes. It would not be regrettable to admit it, but the «Slavs», the oldest club in Kiev, have lost a lot over the past years. And what we see today is nothing but reincarnation! Is it painful? Most likely, yes. Kiev team have already played two matches this season and so far have not brought a single touchdown. Undoubtedly, the opponents of their division are strong clubs, and the Slavs quarterbacks are still young and are being baptized in matches. As for Lviv, despite some loss of composition in the offseason, the club is well prepared. The second game and the second victory. And no matter how strong or weak the opponent is, victory is victory. I saw some photos from the match. The weather in Lviv was, that there is a “game”. I especially liked the frame of a player from one of the teams making the “angel” in a puddle. Anyway, the match was obviously interesting. And very soon, you will find out the details.


That’s all. ULAF, and I personally, thank all the teams for creating an incredible atmosphere at the matches. We are all starting to approach the cherished idea of the “American Football Holiday”. And who knows, it is possible that soon people will have picnics, some games or just talk in anticipation of the coolest match in the right football in front of the stadium in parking lots, just like in the USA!

Denis Polubinsky