Dmitry Gladilin: «Vikings» will play and have fun!»

ULAF presents another excellent interview from a team functionary – this time from the Nikolaev «Vikings»! Dmitry Gladilin in some detail revealed some of his expectations from the upcoming season. They are positive! The team plans to take part in the championship of the First League ULAF. Read this interview to be sure.


Dmitry Gladilin, «Vikings», Nikolaev


ULAF: Dmitry, hello! And immediately our first question, how was the offseason for your team?

Dmitry: I remember last year’s season, which turned out to be a great success for our team, as very hard, physically and emotionally. After a short rest, the team began to work out seasonally, gaining momentum for the new season. It was decided to participate in the First League ULAF, as the problems with the composition very clearly by the end of the season began to affect the quality of our game.


ULAF: And what is the situation with the composition of the team today? Are there new players?

Dmitry: As I have already said, the composition of the «Vikings» is not in the best condition, great losses for the players, but this did not prevent us from playing games at a good level. First of all, in the offseason, we started looking for good potential players. What came out of it? We will see on April 14 at the first game.


ULAF: What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Dmitry: First of all, games in Nikolaev are important to us in order to popularize American football among our residents (the last season excluded such an opportunity and we had to play anywhere, just not in our hometown). Secondly, we will play and have fun, because every player wants it – to play for fun!


ULAF: You can not argue. It would not be bad if the players also earned money from games. 🙂 What are your plans for your team in this championship?

Dmitry: As always, the highest level is to show a decent result, to attach the maximum number of people to American football and, of course, to strengthen with young fighters during the season.


ULAF: What do you want to improve in your club this season? Whose help are you counting on?

Dmitry: All we want is to adequately represent our city in the open spaces of the country and to be needed by your city! So that we are considered and given a chance to show that our city needs American football, so that the stadium problem can be solved already in some century and we can adequately accept our rivals in our home arena.


ULAF: Great desire! God knows (better, of course, Roger Goodell) we want it too. Dmitry, we thank you for your time and wonderful interview!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky