Dmitry Kushnir: «We see in the future «Lions» even better!»

We received a hot interview with the Lviv team «Lions». Their officer Dmitry Kushnir spoke about the problems that affected all clubs last year. Unfortunately … You will also learn about Lviv’s upcoming plans and how they are determined to win! Read all this and much more in the ULAF material.


Dmytro Kushnir, «Lviv Lions»


ULAF: Good day Dmitry! Your team is traditionally considered to be strong. Rich story, you form the right traditions in your city. And that’s great! But tell us how it’s been off season for your club?

Dmitry: Hi! As usual, off-season flew very quickly, you do not have time to notice how much remains only a month before the first official game. Quite a large number of boys left the team for various reasons, among which there were key players and leaders, but the club moves further and we see in the future the «Lions» even better. In this off season, we lost our title sponsor, whose help was very tangible, so all the forces were aimed at finding new support. A very positive news was the arrival of the Turkish coach Erdal Birinci, who expressed his desire to help the club with his good friend Burak Kılınç, the coordinator of protection (about the experience of both searches on the «Lviv Lions» page.)


ULAF: The emergence of a club of foreign coaches has become a true news for both your rivals and fans! Congratulations on this wonderful replenishment! What other changes have occurred in the club «Lions»?

Dmytro: The team has lost six players, but there were a few new people who will be able to try their hand in the near future. There are talented guys, but looking right at the eye, we understand that this season will not be easy for us.


ULAF: Unfortunately, a lot of teams have lost their warehouses over the past year. It starts to seem like a system. What do you and your club expect from the first game of this season?

Dmytro: The first game of the season will be with «Wolves» in Vinnytsia, always a very principled opponent, let’s go for sure only after victory.


ULAF: What are the plans for the 2019 season?

Dmitry: Plan for the season to get into the playoffs at least, then – to achieve the maximum result in each subsequent match.


ULAF: Is there something you would improve in your club?

Dmitry: In my opinion, all improvements should be in the off-season, so you can assume that they have already happened. During the season, to become stronger from training to training, and each match to show an interesting and meaningful game and win.


ULAF: Thank you for a wonderful interview, Dmitry! And we wish success in the championship!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky