Dnipro United head coach: «Maximum program – fight for the championship»

Today, ULAF continues the cycle of interviews with team representatives. This time, Maxim Vasylyk, the quarterback and offensive coach of Dnipro «United», who will take part in the Super League-2019 will tell us about his team and the upcoming game season. First things first!


Maxim Vasilyk, «Dnipro United»


ULAF: Hello Maxim! Tell us how was the offseason in your team? Was there anything new?

Maxim: The off-season goes pretty well, in the Dnieper united 3 teams and this year we will act as one big team.


ULAF: After such a serious unification, what is the situation with the composition of the team?

Maxim: The total number of players in training from 25 to 40 people. We have someone to choose from and this is important! At each position there is competition that can not but rejoice.


ULAF: What do you, as a coach and player, expect from the first game of the season?

Maxim: The first game will be against «Kharkiv Atlants». This is a very strong team. Games against them always require maximum concentration, struggle in each area of ​​the field, manifestations of character. We have it all, so let’s fight. It will be interesting.


ULAF: What are your plans for yourself and your team in this championship?

Maxim: At least 4th place in Ukraine. Minimum! You need to be objective and understand that competition is very high this year. But for coaches and for each player the program is maximum – to fight for the championship.

ULAF: Maxim, what would you like to improve in your club this season?

Maxim: Mutual understanding and atmosphere within the team. This is what I would like to improve. Rally up and move on to victories.


ULAF: Thank you Maxim for your time and wish you good luck in the championship!


Interesting? Still would! Intrigue is growing. All teams are ready to fight to become champions of Super League-2019. Some even come together. And it is beautiful! Next, we will publish an interview with a representative of the team “Atlants” from the city of Kharkov. A team with a rich history and strong composition. Or..? Leave a little intrigue! Follow our news and keep up to date.


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky