European Super League – Russia with Europe, ours are not.

An interesting event starts this weekend in Poland, which, unfortunately, has passed by us. Namely ESL – European Super League. I wondered what could be called such a loud name and I decided to conduct a mini investigation.

The first thing I found was the Facebook Resource of the Polish League of American Football (PLFA), where the list of teams that were announced was indicated. The picture showed that the championship is divided into 2 divisions and, shock !, in the Eastern Division there are 3 Russian teams and one from Belarus. An interesting thought occurred to me that this is an advanced Monte Clark Cup. But where are the Minsk Bisons? And why all the data on the PLFA? I decided not to bother with questions and just look for a representative in the Polish League who would answer them. It turned out to be Przemysław Kazaniecki.

We talked well with him and that’s what I managed to find out. The name ESL comes from the merger of two leagues – the Polish-Lithuanian Topliga and the Eastern European Super League (EESL). This championship is held for the first time in this format. And it has, rather, a test character. Why? The joint management set a goal to check how the clubs will interact geographically and check the public interest in such an event. The ultimate goal is a big united championship of all Eastern Europe. As we understand, Ukraine is also included. On the map, but not in the plans. I asked Przemysław if any of the Ukrainian clubs offered to participate in competitions, but he could not answer me because he did not have this information. Unfortunately.

That’s all for today. However, ULAF is serious about cooperation with ESL. So far, preparations are underway for the championship in Ukraine, but Przemysław Kazaniecki and I agreed to continue negotiations, and also to share information and experience that would be useful for our developing leagues.

American football is evolving. This is good news. Our clubs are increasingly holding international matches and this is just as beautiful. Interest in us and our football continues to grow. But what I have understood for myself is that we have a very small amount of time when this interest of the West to us may exist. If we do not develop together, including at the club level, then … I don’t want to even think about it!


Denis Polubinsky, ULAF press officer