Georgy Verbenko: «Capitals» has only one plan – play-offs and reaching the final!»

ULAF offers one more interview to the attention of our beloved readers. This time, we are met by the chief manager of the «Capitals» – Georgy Verbenko.

Today you will learn about all (and the truth about all! We still had this!) Rearrangements in the team! Interesting? Still would! All this and a little more read further in our material.


Georgy Verbenko, «Kyiv Capitals»


ULAF: George, hello! Traditionally, our first question is this – how was the offseason for the club «Capitals»?

George: Hello, Denis! The offseason has been very busy for us. The head coach has changed, the attack has completely changed. All autumn held in the negotiations about participation in various competitions.

ULAF: The success of the negotiations clearly is. Full participation in the Hungarian championship is a huge gift to the fans of American football in general and your team in particular. Have you touched the changes in the roster? We heard about new players, and I think readers will be interested to learn some details on the changes in the composition.

Georgy: The change of the roster is quite strong, there are several serious losses, in connection with which personnel changes were made, and legionnaires were signed to close the holes formed. Our main safe Alexander Posunko #39, the leader of the last year on interceptions (9), signed a contract with «Rostock Griffins», the team of the 2nd division of Germany. In this regard, two experienced launch receivers, Mikhail Kulik #1 and Anton Usenko #7, also went into defense for the position of the safe, and Tyren Quinn #3 was signed. If for Michael this is the first season in defense, then Anton has periodically appeared in this position and in the final of KMK-2018 has perfectly replaced the distant Alexander Posunko.

Together with Arthur Samsonian #43 who recovered from a knee injury, #43 and Samval Hovsepyan, a cornerball player #29, they will form the basis of the dibaks of the 2019 season in the HFL (Hungarian Football League), and the rest of the guys will fight for a place in the start of the ULF championship. Also, the changes affected the line of attack. The starting tackle of the 2018 season Nikita Vashchuk #70 left for China – to teach children American football, in connection with which Alexander Mishchenko #55 and Daniel Vitko #75 were transferred to the attack from the defense line.

There are also big losses among the linebackers, this season we are missing two players from the starting lineup. Sergey Ovcharenko #54, the ex-leader of the “Bandits” finished his career, Kirill Kudryavtsev #34, a graduate of the school “Skiffs”, has still not recovered from a knee injury. Sergey Budilov, linebacker #52, ex-captain and leader of the “Bandits”, who unfortunately could not help us last year and whose debut in the Capitals will take place only this season, is still regaining its former form due to a shoulder injury in the second week of the championship of Hungary of the season 2018. For the closure of the resulting hole in the line-up and the short bench of the linebackers, Isaiah Wheeler was signed, who will play at number 5.

The club leader in the 2018 season tackles, linebacker Alexander Novoselov #53, managed to recover from a minor injury from a training session a month ago and is ready to defend «Capitals».

Of the pleasant additions, the transition from the «Patriots» of receiver Maxim Gon #89, Garda Andrey Timchyuk #78, as well as the duet of son and father: receiver Sviatoslav Rogovets #17 and linear attacks Vladimir Rogovets #97 is worth highlighting.

We hope that before the next season of 2020 we will not have such a number of losses in the composition, we really want to play with our own, and not close the gaps in the composition with the signing of foreign players.


ULAF: A very, very comprehensive answer. Thank! Taking into account all the changes and permutations – what do you expect from the first game of the season?

George: The first game will be combat on the field and friendly out. With the «Slavs» conducted several joint training/ scrimmages in this off-season, we cooperate fruitfully and know a lot about each other. Also, coaches set the task of checking the quality and depth of our “bench”. We will also try to hold it at the maximum of organizational opportunities in conjunction with ULAF, since this game is the opening of the Super League-2019.


ULAF: What are your plans for the championship?

George: There is only one plan for «Capitals» – the playoffs and the final.


ULAF: What do you expect and expect to receive this year?

George: We want to improve the coverage of games, team life, championship and mutually beneficial cooperation with all clubs. We hope that the leadership of many clubs is finally aware of the need to move together towards a common goal – creating at least a semi-professional league in Ukraine with wide coverage, a large audience base and constant sponsorship.


ULAF: Thank you George! Great interview. Good luck to you and the «Capitals» this year!


In combining our strength. But does everyone think so? Season 2019 will show. And while we are waiting for the start. Which, by the way, is already in a few days! It’s time to start the countdown!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky