“Hammerers” friendly beat “Eagles”

On Saturday, October 26, first time in history of Ukraine, International Youth Football Match took place! Participants aged U – 17 were the Kyiv “Hammerers” and the Warsaw “Eagles”. Result of the game: 48 – 12, in favor of Kyiv. Bravo!

Saturday match is an event that has great symbolism for the development of American football on the National level. The “Hammers” team is only 4 years old, and the training program developed by the coaching staff and the club’s president, Vadim Boleyko, already has serious results in the form of victories over European rivals. The last set of children, by the way, is still ongoing, it already shows success among kids and parents, as well as their interest and participation in building the team. By the way, the participation of parents became a key point in the preparation and organization of a GREAT sports show! Animators, a rich food court, support for the stands – all this looked like a real family holiday, and that is how American football looks in the USA and Europe. Among the fans present at the stands, representatives of the Department of Youth and Sports of the city of Kyiv were noticed. And the award was attended personally by Vadim Gutzeit, a man who is well acquainted with the sport of the highest achievements and who gave yet another motivation to young athletes for further sports achievements! The piquancy of the event was attended by the participation of many representatives (from all over the country) of adult American football teams. Some could not restrain the emotions on the game, that they literally participated in the game itself – they “prompted” the “Hammerers” players to the best options for acting on the field.

Club President Vadim Boleyko, was pleased with the results of the match. In a conversation with media representatives, he noted that youth American football in Ukraine has great prospects and that, personally, he will make every effort to implement youth and children’s training programs in adult clubs. Also, Mr. Boleyko hinted that work has already begun on the preparation of the youth national team of Ukraine at the age of U-17 for participation in the European Championship in 2020.

The next international game for the team will take place already in Poland, where “Hammerers” club will meet with a well-known Warsaw rival. In the meantime, when guys of U-17 are preparing for the away game, the age group of U-15 is going to leave for the city of Vinnitsa, where will be the next stage of Ukrainian Football Cup among youths. We wish to all participants – good luck!


Denis Polubinsky