Happy Women’s Day, our beloved girls!

Our dear and very beloved, so different and always blooming, bright, gentle, strong and beautiful girls! Our cheerleaders, referees, footballers, fans and cheerleaders! Moms, sisters, wives and daughters!


The Ukrainian League of American Football wholeheartedly congratulates you on this bright Spring holiday and your day – March 8!

American football is a daring sport of strong, brave, dexterous, huge and brutal, but only because of you we can call it beautiful! We cannot do without your support and presence. It is for your attention that we swing, train, hack on the football fields, wallow in the dust, break, get up and play again. Every time after a hard workout and hard game, we perceive your care and tenderness quite differently! We love you every day for your eyes, smiles, tender hugs and kisses!

Thank you, our most bright! We love you! All our victories are just for you!