In Odessa, “Storm” creates “Lightning”!

According to the Odessa Online Information Agency of Odessa, this is the name of the women’s flag football team, which is organized by the Odessa American Football Club “Storm”. This is a timely step, since quite recently the ULAF had to postpone the dates of the ULAF Spring Women’s Flag Football Cup for an indefinite period. The reason is trivial – an insufficient number of declared commands.

By the way, Odessans became the owners of the Winter Cup ULAF flag-football, which was held on February 23 in Kiev. Then “Storm” beat “Azov Dolphins” with a minimum margin of 48:47!

All interested Odessa girls who are ready to try their hand at a new sport for themselves, please contact us by phone:

  • 093-233-14-26 (Ruslan),
  • 063-225-25-75 (Sergey).