In the ULAF Flag Football Cup – 6 teams from 6 cities!

February 23 in the sports complex of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture will be held the first competition of the ULAF this year!

Six men’s teams from six cities will compete for the right to own the ULAF Winter Cup in flag football: “Vinnitsa Wolves”, “Azovskiy Dolphins”, “Poltava Panthers”, “Hammerers” (Kiev), “Storm” (Odessa) and “United” (Dnieper)!

Address of the KNUBA sports complex: Kiev, st. Osvity, 3

The tournament starts at 13:00.

Games group stage: 13:10 to 17:10

Playoff Games: 17:40 to 19:15

Game for third place: 19:20

Game for 1 and 2 places: 20:10


We invite everyone! Free admission.