Ivan Voloshyn: “I’ll just do everything that depends on me.”

In anticipation of Special Games of ULAF 2019 Super League season, which I call the Final Games, I offer you short interviews from the offence leaders of their teams. I started with the quarterback of the Kyiv team “Stallions”. I really was interested to know his opinion about the season and how the future game will be built. What Ivan Voloshin answered and what he decided to keep in secret, read in My material below!


D.P. – Greetings, Ivan! Once I wrote that the “Stallions” team is the dark horse of the 2019 season. There were no guarantees that club will be able to reach Semifinals in principle. But you succeeded. Tell me the recipe of such success?

I.V. – Yes, indeed, no one expected us to enter the Semi Final. But, I think not unimportant fact was the persistence of many players in our club, their desire to win. We just wanted it much more.


DP – We all saw your play this year. And despite the fact that team has two active quarterbacks, it was you who were in the last game. In the semi-finals. How do you rate your season? What did you like and what didn’t?

I.V. – How did I spend the season? Well, I would say that it is average. It affected my quality of the game in matches with club from the Dnipro. For some reason, it’s difficult for me to play with clubs from this city. Spellbound some. But overall, I am pleased with the effectiveness of our offence, when I’m on the field. I’m not happy that for a long time I roll into the game, but there are many factors.


D.P. – Game against “Capitals” cannot be called a failure, taking into account their experience and, in principle, their progress in the season. But you did not make even a single touchdown! What was the reason? What hindered?

I.V. – Failure or not, not for me to judge. I am NOT happy with that game. Yes, opponent were strong. Very. I know that, but still… When you play with such experienced club, you need coherence, discipline in all its manifestations. This was not enough for us.


D.P. – You have a game for 3-rd place this Saturday. Does “Lumberjacks” Club new to you? Have you played against them earlier? How do you see your play in a future game?

I.V. – “Lumberjacks” is something new for me. I have never had a chance to play against that team. How can I see my play? Yes, I’ll just do everything that depends on me. In addition, Vasilyi Yordan will confront us, and, after all, he is one of the most experienced quarterbacks in Ukraine. That game will definitely be interesting.


As you can see, Ivan Voloshin is critical to himself, but in principle, he is positive about Saturday’s game for Third place. The alignment of forces is interesting. And the Game by itself promises to be multi-emotional. “Stallions” are still in motion. And it’s good!


See you at Saturday’s Game! Stay tuned for ULAF news. There is so much more to come!


Denis Polubinsky

Photos – from the Facebook page of Ivan Voloshin