May 5, «Lviv Lions» – «Kyiv Slavs». Match preview

Already on May 5, on the home field, Lviv «Lions» receive guests from Kiev «Slavs»! The match promises to be really interesting, and I will now tell you why.

The first game for «Slavs» was held in Kiev against the same capital guys – «Capitals». Then the «Slavs» lost with a crushing score. But! Keep in mind that two thirds of Slavs are newbies! And the «Capitals» spent the entire last season in the Monte Clark Cup and managed to win silver! In principle, it was clear initially that the forces are far from equal. And yet.

«Lions», in turn, played the first round match on the road in Vinnitsa, playing against the local «Wolves», whose line-up also underwent radical changes. Lviv then won, but missed, and given the long history of the Kiev club and remembering both defeats and a lot of victories, we are in for quite a serious match. And there is no guarantee that the «Lions» will not have to defend themselves. The Lviv team has a good attack – the quarterback Markiyan Shekel, runningback Severin Fedin and high-quality “line”. In Kiev, two young quarterbacks, whom the defenders of the Capitals tried so hard to “break down” in the first round, were under constant pressure. And at the same time, after the match, both were quite pleased, but not upset! They are not broken. And it already says a lot about the players. So there is a will, and now they will gain experience.


Anyway, the match of the second round of the ULAF American Football Championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019 will give us a minimal idea of the potential rivals in the playoffs and the Wildcard.

Denis Polubinsky