Mikhail Artemyev: «In this championship, the challenge of «Slavs» is one – to gain experience»

ULAF continues to delight our readers! Interview with the functionary of the first Kiev team – «Slavs». Mikhail Artemyev decided not to hide his cards regarding the “youth” of the team. But that’s not all! What else Mikhail will tell us, read on.


Mikhail Artemyev, «Slavs», Kiev


ULAF: Hello Michael! You are the first among representatives of Kiev teams, whose interviews we publish, and your team is historically the first in Kiev! So tell us how was the off season for «Slavs»?

Michael: The off-season went according to plan. We continue to build a team.


ULAF: What is the situation with the squad in your team? Are there new players?

Michael: We had a scheduled set. Taking into account last year’s set, at the moment in the team about 80% of new players.


ULAF: What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Michael: This is a good fight test. After all, regardless of the number of played sparrings, only the official game will show what we can do as a team. Moreover, the first game we have with the favorites in the fight for the championship.


ULAF: What are your plans for your team in this championship?

Mikhail: In this championship, there is only one task – to gain experience, but the exit to the playoffs will be an excellent result.


ULAF: What do you want to improve in your club this season?

Mikhail: First of all, we want to improve the infrastructure of the club and increase the coaching staff.


ULAF: Thank you, Mikhail, for your short but informative interview! And we wish your team good luck!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky