«Odessa Storm» is disqualified!

On June 2, the 4th round of the SUPER LEAGUE 2019 group stage between «Dnipro United» and «Odessa Storm» was to take place in the Dnieper, but Odessans did not come to the game, citing the lack of a squad for the game. As a result, Dnipro United was forced to conduct an open scrimmage at a previously rented stadium.

On Saturday, the president of the ULAF, Serhii Kirieiev, initiated a meeting of the Control and Disciplinary Committee (CDC), which, after extensive discussion, decided to disqualify the team of the Odessa Storm club until the end of the championship and limit the right to take part in the official competitions of the ULAF until the end of the year exceeds the norm specified in the Championship Regulations.

The decision of the CDC is verified and does not exceed the norms and order described in the Regulations of the American Football Championship SUPER LEAGUE 2019.

In addition, the opponents of “Odessa Storm” in round 5 of the group stage «Kharkiv Atlantes» are awarded a technical victory with a score of 24-0 (at the rate of 1 touchdown in each unplayed quarter) with the award of «Atlantes» three tournament points.

CDC Solution – Download


Thus, in the Eastern division only one game – «Kyiv Patriots» – «Kyiv Stallions», which will take place on June 15 or 16 in Kiev, will be played.