Shafarenko Artem and Agasiev Maxim recognized as the best players of the match «Capitals» – «Slavs»

The representative of the ULAF company Biopharm Igor Babenko attended the match «Kyiv Capitals» – «Kyiv Slavs», who noted the best players of the match in both teams.

So the best player in the «Capitals» was recognized by the host Artem Shafarenko No.80, who made two touchdowns in this match. And as part of the «Slavs», the board of the ULAF marked the game of the young quarterback Agasiyev Maxim No.19.

Each player Igor Babenko handed a certificate for the purchase of sports products from the campaign Biopharm in the amount of 1500 UAH.


Previously, we published affiliate material on the use of pharmacological means to restore players in American football.

Biopharm is also the official sponsor of the Kiev club «Stallions», and Igor Babenko is the sports pharmacologist of the club.