Simur Almazov: «Panther is a predatory animal!»

Today, the editorial staff of the site of the ULAF begins a cycle of pre-season interviews with representatives of Ukrainian teams. Interesting? Still would! It is very important for us that fans, fans and spectators learn about the life of their favorite club as much as possible even at the stage of preparation for the main games. But does everyone reveal their cards? And will intrigue really continue before the start of the championships? All this you will learn from our articles!

 And we begin with a very young club, in a city in which American football was recently started talking. But, this team already has experience of games, and more recently, in February, it entered the final stage of the ULAF Winter Flag Football Cup. At present, the club team is preparing to participate in the ULAF American Football Championship among the teams of the First League (9×9). What Simur Almazov, the leader of the «Poltava Panthers» club, will tell us about, read on!


Simur Almazov, «Poltava Panthers»

ULAF: Hello, Simur! Tell our readers how the off season was for your team?

Simur: Literally right after the end of last season, we began to work on the bugs. We are pumping a playbook, working out a new one. We pay special attention to this. Often, it was tactical flaws that played a cruel joke on us at the crucial moment of the match. We also expand the functionality of physical training, give a large load. After all, it is precisely the good readiness of each player that will now make it possible to fill in the gaps with the roster in the roster of the season.


ULAF: And what is the general situation with the composition of your team? Are there new players in the offseason? What are your hopes for them?

Simur: Regarding the composition, we almost managed to keep the backbone of the Panther, which was originally. Even those guys who, for various reasons, cannot constantly attend trainings and be with the foundation, play and give results. Communicating in all possible ways. Thanks to an active advertising campaign, the lineup was replenished with new players. As the young guys who are just getting acquainted with the football, and the players who have experience of games. We are actively helping the guys to get to the heart of the game as much as possible and to approach correctly both physical loads and the very philosophy of football. Beginners try their best and are ready to show themselves in season. Everyone has his own trump cards.

ULAF: What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Simur: From the first game we want to set the beat rhythm. The rival for us is new, but quite famous for the performances in previous competitions. Ready to give battle. Moreover, the first game home and Poltava fans are waiting for victories and a decent game. As soon as they are ready to play, both new guys and experienced fighters will play.


ULAF: Interesting! Simur, what are your plans for your team in this championship?

Simur: American football is a game where, apart from winning every game, there is no other goal. We will proceed, however, from the readiness and number of people in the composition. Sometimes, in order to show a great season, you need to go the way of several games. We are very pleased that this year there are more games and, accordingly, the probability of getting into the playoffs is increasing. We will gnaw every fight. Panther is a predatory animal! 🙂

ULAF: You can not argue! 🙂 What do you want to improve in your club this season? And do you count on someone’s help?

Simur: Of course, I would like to be more interested in playing people. We often try to flash in the media, to talk about the coolness and interesting aspects of American football. Now, by the way, they have launched a crowdfunding project by the Poltava Internet publication «Zmіst», where everyone can help «Poltava Panthers» to raise money for a new form. Thus, we want to show that we are trying for Poltava connoisseurs of football and all of us are one big family. And, of course, we are making efforts to find a sponsor. This sport, due to its entertainment, deserves a full-fledged infrastructure and comfortable conditions for development.


ULAF: Thank you for the interesting interview, Simur! And we wish you good luck this season!


And in our next article you will learn something interesting from the «United» team from the city of Dnipro. Stay tuned and stay informed!



Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky