«Storm» vs «Stallions» – a rivalry that will last for years

Last Saturday, a game was played in Odessa between the «Storm» and Kiev «Stallions» clubs. For both teams, the match was also the first match of the regular championship ULAF of the American Football SUPER LEAGUE 2019. And there is already some kind of background.


And «Storm» and «Stallions» know each other. We are not talking about personal acquaintance, although about him too, but about historical rivalry. I did not just use the word “historical”. In Ukrainian American football there are rarely coincidences. But often we see the confrontation of some two specific clubs, lasting for years. The Donetsk «Scythians» and Kiev «Jets» immediately come to my head. And let me forgive people who know the history of Ukrainian American football better than me, but I will say that both Storm and Stallions are two relatively young clubs, the rivalry between which will last for years. They have already met last year and then the victory was for the citizens of Odessa. This time – for the people of Kiev. And believe me, this is exactly the beginning.


In the preview material for this game, I wrote about the training camp, which the Stallions conducted in Poland against the Lublin team, and about the experience that Storm, however, did not acquire by full composition, participated in the Romanian championship.

Whatever it was, and the outcome of the match is as follows: 19-24 in favor of Kiev.


The players of «Storm» managed to score 3 touchdowns: Sergey Bayol, Igor Slobodyanyuk and legionnaire Fiver Aaron; And Mirgorodsky Andrew spent one-point implementation. The «Stallions» club was also lucky to score 3 touchdowns, two of which were implemented by Yevgeny Yustman and another Yuri Ponne, and Denis Kovtun deserves a separate praise, who completed 3 sales with one point and broke the field goal.


And this is what Sergey Bayol, a representative of «Odessa Storm», thinks about the result of the match:


D.P. – Tell us about your impressions of the first game of the season? Why couldn’t you beat the Stallions?

S.B. – I’ll start with the second question. The main reason is the lack of gaming experience in the main part of the team due to the early start of the championship. It was assumed that on April 20 we would play a friendly preseason game with Stallions, and that was in the first 3 quarters. Unfortunately, due to the shift of the championship dates, this game was our first and this season and in the championship. We have been looking for our game for a long time, because The new schemes that we used were not tested in game conditions, so we spent the first 3 quarters of the match on working out the schemes. Moreover, it was the first official match in the career of our QB Vasilevsky Vladislav, and I believe that 2 pass touchdowns is not a bad result for the young leader of our attack. A large number of individual errors of the players of our team at the start of the match forced us to be in the role of catching up, which simply did not have enough time. But, we made conclusions, got practice and are preparing for the next games of the championship.

In general, the game was played in a friendly atmosphere, without unnecessary unjustified rudeness, and both teams showed a tactically competent and interesting match, the intrigue in which lasted until the last second. We are working on the mistakes and getting ready for the game with the «Kyiv Patriots», which will be held in Kiev on May 4.


Denis Polubinsky