“Storm” – winner of the ULAF Winter Cup in flag football 2019

In an incredibly tense, unpredictable and bright finale of the ULAF Winter Cup flag football tournament with the minimum difference of just one point, the Storm team from Odessa pulled out a victory from the Azov Dolphins from Mariupol. Referee match Dmitry Alekseev (Vinnitsa) gave the final whistle with a score of 48-47 in favor of Odessa, and the first sports trophy of the ULAF this season is sent to Odessa.

Now officially, “Storm” is the owner of the Winter Cup of the Ukrainian Flag Championship in men’s teams in 2019. Each player, also the president of ULAF, Sergey Kireyev, was awarded gold medals. “Azov Dolphins” received the title of the Winter Cup finalists and were rewarded with silver medals, respectively.

The match was served by an experienced team of judges: Dmitry Alekseev (Vinnitsa), Tamara Karlova (Kiev) and Nikolai Klimachev (Rovno)

The tournament organizers thank the players for the beautiful and masterful game, the coaches for preparing the teams, the judges for fair and unbiased refereeing, and the fans for their patience. The tournament ended rather late and only loyal fans were rewarded with unprecedented intrigue.

With confidence, ULAF assures that such competitions will be held again in a few months and in an open area.

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