Saturday. June 1st. Kharkov. «Atlantes» – «Stallions». 22-5.

«Kharkiv Atlantes» is the oldest team in Ukraine. «Atlantes» is one of the strongest rivals in Ukraine. The «Atlantes» experienced both shocks and growth, but the «Atlantes» remain the «Atlantes». Of the three matches played, the Kharkov team brutally pulls out its second victory. Not in a row, but… What is remarkable: the people of Kiev lost, but the people of Kiev won. A more detailed review of the match will be a little later. I was not able to watch the game online, but I think modern technologies and YouTube will not interfere with me, but will only help. But clearly, Kharkov guys feel confident in their field, even despite the last loss to the «Patriots». As for the «Stallions». One win, one draw and one loss. Unfortunately, the people of Kiev are losing momentum. But there is one more match ahead! Fans of «Stallions» – keep the cams!

Generally, if we talk about the Eastern Division, then there is quite an interesting picture. The leaders of the tournament table are the «Patriots» from Kiev, which the «Atlantes», in fact, lost in the last game weekend of the Super League. Next come the «Atlantes» with two wins. But the third and fourth places are already changing. Why? A small spoiler for those who do not know yet – «Storm» does not go to the Dnieper to fight against the «United». The reason – the lack of composition. In advance, before the start of the season, it was discussed and even insisted that a team that is not sure of participation in the Super League should not be announced. For this, the First League was created, where Nikolaev, Mariupol, Poltava and the second team from the Dnieper play with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The guys really appreciated their capabilities. I know that their roster has almost 30 players, but these teams did not dare to risk. Why did this happen to the Storm team? The first games – immediately with strong opponents. And that’s all. This is the point. Someone broke, and the roster is no more.

But about the causes and consequences, and in general about how this issue will be solved, and how to prevent this from happening again, I will analyze in subsequent articles. The outcome of the Eastern League this weekend is as follows: «Patriots» are still in the first place. «Atlantes» begin to breathe in his back. United won their first victory without taking to the pitch, and ranked third. «Stallions» lose their third match and go down to 4th position. «Storm» is still at the bottom.

 Denis Polubinsky