The principle of Odessa «Storm» – «Enjoy the game!»

ULAF never ceases to publish comments from representatives of Ukrainian clubs. Today we offer you a very positive interview from Odessa. The main manager of the «Storm» team, Serhiy Bayol, will tell us about his plans for the coming year. And also about beginners and pleasure. All this is read further in our material.


Serhiy Bayol, «Storm» Odessa


ULAF: Hello Sergey! And our first question is already known to everyone – how was the offseason for your team?

Serhiy: In the offseason, we, like many Ukrainian teams, solved financial and personnel problems. They made a set, made plans, relaxed a bit and developed new schemes and combinations based on the available staff for the season.


ULAF: And what about the composition of the «Storm»? Have new team members?

Serhiy: YES! This year our American legionary and inspiration behind the attack returned to us – Fiver Aaron, who had a good rest and was ready to lead us to new victories. We also have a new attack leader, a young and promising quarterback Vasilevsky Vladislav, who for the first time will try his hand as the main point guard of our team. We hope that this season we will be able to combine the young fuse of newcomers and the experience of the old-timers of the team.


ULAF: Congratulations on the replenishment! What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Serhiy: We are building a team on the principle «Enjoy the game!». Therefore, from the first game of the season I expect good football, I believe in the maximum return from each player, and I will be extremely happy when I see the eyes of the Storm players burning with victorious fire.


ULAF: What do you expect from the season as a whole?

Serhiy: And from the season we only want one thing – to get the most out of the game, because we love football, play football and live football!


ULAF: What will the development of your club look like this year? Have a clear idea? Maybe plans?

Serhiy: Of course there is. This year we launched a women’s team and are planning to start developing a children’s area. I am confident that we will have enough strength for this, and at the end of the year we will get the maximum possible result in the field of popularizing American football in Odessa.


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky