Traditions destined to return

Loud headline? But we do not argue. Of course, this is not the Super Bowl in the NFL and not even the final of the conference. But this is the very sports show that once was a tradition in Ukrainian American football. And it is precisely these competitions that the fans have lacked in recent years.

Yes, yes, we are talking now about the Flag Football ULAF Winter Cup!

Flag football is a contactless form of American football, in which agility plays a greater role than strength. Sport, where the tactics of the team is based on tricks, and not on the throw range. Sports show, in which the dynamics, perhaps, more than in competitions in athletics. And all this ULAF returns to the big arena.

Already on February 23, six teams from different parts of Ukraine will arrive in the capital to show themselves and “taste the opponent” before the next Championship. “Vinnitsa Wolves”, “Azov Dolphins”, “Poltava Panthers”, “Storm” from Odessa, “Dnipro United” from the Dnieper and “Hammermen” from Kiev.

Half of the teams have a lot of experience behind them. Others want to prove that this is not enough to win. As a result, who will become the winner of the Cup of ULAF in flag football, we will find out. Soon.

Find out and you!

Venue – Sports complex KNUBA (Kiev, st. Education, 3)

Beginning – February 23 at 13:00.