Troy Rice – «Capitals» again strengthened the roster

According to the Facebook page of the Kiev club, they were joined by the already well-known American football connoisseurs in Ukraine Troy Rice.

Friends, great news on the eve of the game!

The composition of the team filled up a star player in the championships of Ukraine and Hungary Troy Rice! And tomorrow, Troy will enter the field against the Loggers from Uzhgorod!

This is the third and last legionnaire capitals for this season.


Kyiv Capitals welcomes Troy Rice onboard! Troy is a well-known football leagues. Looking forward to make our game more spectacular!

Already on May 5, in the game against «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks», Troy Rice will show his skills. For him, this will be the first, so to speak, installation game before the games in Hungary, if the regulations allow us to submit foreign players. In any case, «Capitals» needs to win every game if they want to reach the final in both championships.