ULAF Final. «Kyiv Capitals» vs Kyiv «Patriots»

Honestly, I do not know what to say about these clubs. They are both great! Both are leading a win-win series. Both have experienced coaches. Both have good linebackers. Both have great quarterbacks. Big offencive line. Have receivers. Quick runningbacks. Roasters almost identical. Everything about them is great. And they both in Final Game! And all this, my dear readers, are damn battle of titans in American football of Ukraine! They are real monsters of this sport in our country! Strong, rude and tough. They are unbelievably cool. They are animals that are in their habitat. And they will fight for each inch. And how they will fight! “Patriots” are the holders of the ULAF Championship in season 2018. “Capitals”, a conditionally new team that chose the most tough opponents, but they do not have a Cup. And they want him! They crave him like nothing else. Like Thanos want his glove. And “Pats” is like a little kid with a toy. They seemed to have played enough of it, but when asked, they wouldn’t give it up so easy. Because this toy is their toy. It belongs only to them! Their precious. This is what it is. So I see it. A true bacchanalia of sport. With the real intrigue of a hard thriller in the style of Stanley Kubrick or Martin Scorsese. Do not tell me that it’s not. Do not tell me that you already know the winner. No, you do not know! You only hope and believe. This game is a true story of Ukrainian American football. And I’m waiting for it! I am waiting for Sunday, as a farmer wants his blessed rain! Expand me for such a comparison, but it is.


Fuh! I said that there is nothing to write 🙂 Now some facts. “Capitals” has 3 quarterbacks: Maxim Cherepivsky (No. 2), George Verbenko (No. 8) and Taras Komaritsky (No. 10). I know only two in “Patriots” – the legionnaire Bon Darren (No. 2) and Rostislav Osadchuk (No. 10). Both Taras and Rostislav are backups of their teams. In the case of Bon Darren, it is his direct merit that the team reached the Final. “Caps”, things are a little different – the main player in the regular ULAF championship is not Maxim Cherepivsky, as many of you think, but George Verbenko! Both teams have a complete set of receivers: “Patriots” have Sergey Bezusky (No. 3), Alexander Sheptukha (No. 7), Alexander Falko (No. 8) and Ivan Stupitsky (No. 17). We have repeatedly seen all of them making touchdowns and getting long passes.  “Capital’s” receivers corps, are still somewhat more experienced. Behind them a lot of touchdowns in the Hungarian Championship. We talk about Igor Lysenko (No. 85), Nikita Kopus’ (No. 87), Maxim Gon (No. 89) and of course their Star – legionnaire Troy Rice (No. 84). “Caps” also have big stars in runningbacks corps – Alexander Melnichuk (No. 37) and Roman Gubriy (No. 31). “Pets” only had one runner left – this is Alexei Zorin (No. 66). But the lack of interchangeable runners is offset by the team’s quarterback by itself, namely Bon Darren (No. 2). Both teams also have excellent defense and no less iconic blitzing linebackers – Igor Protskikh (No. 5), Vladimir Kulchitsky (No. 52) and Valentin Udalov (No. 9) against Sergey Budilov (No. 52), Alexander Novosyolov (No. 53) and Sergey Domina (No. 93). As you can see by yourself, the forces are equal. And almost everywhere equal. It is logical to assume that this will be a battle of combinations and various tricks in the attack. And the defense will have to beat it off.


I’m waiting for this Sunday. This is Ukrainian Super Bowl. Without Beyoncé or Lady Gaga (for now). But this is just like that. The Final of the ULAF Super League. Denouement. And a great sports show. Do not miss! It will be great!


Denis Polubinsky