ULAF Final. Third Place Game. «Kyiv Stallions» vs «Uzhhorod Lumberjacks»

Kyiv “Stallions”

“You did not expect, but we came,” – so to speak about the team of the applicant for Third place in ULAF Superleague. Kyiv “Stallions” just burst into the upcoming weekend. Club were played against the “Capitals”. I advise you to watch that match. I was sure that “Stallions” would flock through the impudent newcomers of ULAF – “Caps”. Well, not rush but walk and bring at least a few touchdowns. In the end, it looked like they were grazing somewhere far away, while “Capitals” were running through field and back, making a touchdowns. The result of that game 52-0 in favor of “Caps”. I do not blame “Stallions” for this loss. They really did everything they could. With the players that they have. Eugene Yustman (No. 85). Excellent receiver of team. Without him, Ivan Voloshin (No. 9) get in trouble. Although, he was as best as he could! I saw how he was cleaning the way for his runningback. Huh! Risky guy. Ivan, if you read me, don’t do it anymore! In addition, “Stallions” guys played even with a big score difference, to the very end! At least respect for them!


Uzhgorod “Lumberjacks”

Ohhhh. That men made a real show with an ax at the last Semifinal. And, despite the fact that in the end they lost, “Lumberjacks”, as they say, were fight as cool as possible. In the first half, they lost 20-0 to Kyiv “Patriots”. But then they gathered and get 3 touchdowns, each with a two-point realization. The unequivocal stars of the match: Vasily Yordan (No. 7) (bravo, that he returned despite his injury) – the well-known quarterback of the “Lumberjacks” team; Darius Lewis (No. 3), two touchdowns + two realizations + a new skill “Flash speed”; and Boguslavsky Roman (No. 33) one touchdown with Andrei Turyanitsa (No. 81) on realization. This game was wild! Verily. Amen. Who did not watch, I advise you to do it today. It would seem that we recall how Uzhgorod team started their season. We in ULAF prayed that club would finish at least the regular season with the composition that they had! 3 losses in a row. And then Vasya Yordan (No. 7) get on the field. And here we go. Victory. Victory. And again – Victory! “Semifinal? Wait for us!” How not to believe in miracles after this? Yes, Yes. Team also strengthened several more legionnaires. It’s a fact. But game is made by headcoaches and quarterbacks. And after the return of Jordan (No. 7), game became tougher and faster. Guys, congratulations on continuing the fight for Third place in ULAF Superleague!


Little prediction.

This year, Uzhgorod guys returned to ULAF. Historically titled. On the contrary, “Stallions” who are young, active and strive to show themselves among experienced “old men”. They already showed up, yes. People talk about them, yes. They have a very bright shape, yes. They have already beaten the Atlantes, and again, yes. But what it will be, if you don’t have medal? Nothing. Just words. Maybe History. But, better to say, just story. A pat on the shoulder, yes, nice. But medal – it’s physical, material. It can be felt. It can be worn. You can take a picture with it. And it will be your long reminder. It’s like your story. Your success. The fight will be fierce. Young Ivan Voloshin (No. 9) versus experienced Vasily Yordan (No. 7). Yuri Ponne (No. 17) vs. Darius Lewis (No. 3). Evgeny Slobodyanyuk (No. 27) vs. Boguslavsky Roman (No. 33). Here it is. Remember these surnames. They will make the play in the upcoming game. Prediction, that the forces in this case are really equal, honest 50/50. This always means that game will be great!

ULAF, and personally me, wishes both team success!


Denis Polubinsky