ULAF holds one of the highest quality judicial seminars in the last 5 years

Last weekend was filled with events “IN” American football and “FOR” American football in Ukraine. And if “IN” need a separate material, because we are talking about an international friendly game U-17 between Kyiv “Hammerers” and Warsaw “Eagles”, then we will talk about “FOR” right now. What interesting happened and how it affects American football in general, read further in my article.

Last weekend, October 26 and 27, the ULAF Judicial Seminar was held. The speaker and the main motivator of the event was the well-known referee in Europe – Vladimir Platonov. I was lucky to attend that seminar, and to be honest, I closed some gaps for myself in understanding the principle of the American football. After all, simply understanding why or because of what the flag was thrown on the field is interesting. And the employee of the ULAF – is necessary!

On the first day, Vladimir told our officials, by the way, who came from all over Ukraine, about all the features and tricks used by players to “stop” an opponent on the field. On video examples of different world championships, every flag thrown or a flag that was not thrown out was understood. Mr. Platonov also taught to “see” those same violations. In most cases, the reason for the “flag not thrown” is not so much the ignorance of the rules, but rather the wrong “mechanics”. That is, the movements of each individual official at a particular moment of the rally. All these problems, of course, are solved by increasing the number of officials on the field. The more they are on the field, the better officiating and you, fans of American football, could make sure of this by watching the matches of the regular championship of the ULAF Super League and the Final Games. In this particular case, Quantity = Quality. To consolidate the material, our officials were invited to participate in the international Youth match in Kyiv, about which I wrote a little higher. I also attended this sporting event and I can freely declare on my own behalf that the refereeing led by Vladimir was excellent. Like the game by itself!

On the second day, thanks to the video of the game, the invited speaker held a “fly”, on which the participants sorted out all their mistakes (there were very few of them) and explained some of the minuses in the “mechanics” of the officials. I’ll note right away that a video recording of a match, even on one camera, even on the simplest one, is a great chance to make out everything in detail, not only for the referees, but also for the coaches! Actually, in the new Regulations for 2020, which was developed directly by the President of the ULAF, Sergey Kireev, this requirement is clearly spelled out – regardless of the broadcast of the match, there must be a video recording of the game! Believe me, this is necessary! And for teams in the first place.

Upon completion of the “debriefing” Mr. Platonov prepared a test with 25 questions to consolidate the material. And at the very end, the President of ULAF, Serhii Kirieiev, gave certificates of advanced training to all participants.

On Spring, ULAF will organize another stage of training of qualified officials. Perhaps, this will be the beginning of a full-fledged School of ULAF Officiating. And you, as fans of American football, can also participate! If you are young, ambitious and want to take part in the development of Ukrainian American football, do not pass! Be a part! And we in ULAF will try to do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.

ULAF, and personally me, thanks to Mr. Vladimir Platonov for the magnificent two days of the official brain storm, and all those involved for participating and want to develop! We appreciate it. Thank you!

 Denis Polubinsky