«Uzhgorod Lumberjacks» promise – the field will be hot!

Dear fans of American football, today we bring to your attention an interview from the head coach of the team «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks» – Alexander Solovyov! Unfortunately, this club also faced difficulties in recruiting players in the off-season. But the guys clearly do not lose hope to compete for the gold championship of the ULAF Superliga-2019 championship. Alexander will tell us about the aspirations of the «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks» today.


Alexander Solovyov (pictured left), «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks»


ULAF: Alexander, hello! As you probably already know our first question is the question about the off-season. Tell and you now, how was the off-season for the team «Lumberjacks»?

Alexander: The off-season for the «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks» began in 2017, after the completion of the ULAF championship. It was decided to skip the 2018 season and declare in the Slovak championship. With the team “Koshice Stillers” we reached the semifinal, but, unfortunately, the loss did not give us the opportunity to take part in the subsequent final.


ULAF: What is the situation with the composition of the team today?

Alexander: During the non-participation in the competitions of the ULAF of the last year, they “run in” young players in the Serbian championship, and in the autumn of 2018, they made a recruit. This season they will become full-fledged players of the «Uzhgorod Lumberjacks».


ULAF: What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Alexander: From the first game we expect a very heated confrontation, some teams will not meet with us on the field for the first time. Many players are familiar, so before and after the game there will be a very lively communication, but on the field it will be hot!


ULAF: Well, since you promise! Now tell our readers and your rivals what plans do you set for your team in this championship?

Alexander: This season we want, first of all, to introduce new players into the gameplay. And if we do everything right, then win.


ULAF: What do you want to improve in your club this season? Whose help are you counting on?

Alexander: First of all, increase the number of the team. Unfortunately, it is necessary to rely only on our own strength.


ULAF: Unfortunately, so far, yes. But this is only bye. Thank you, Alexander, for a pleasant interview.


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky