In Kharkov, held a judicial seminar

On Saturday, April 6, the first, but not the last, judicial seminar was held in Kharkov.

The seminar, which was held in the format of a round table and discussion, was attended by 11 judges from different regions of Ukraine. By the way, there were newcomers. So far, only three people, but the search for those who want to become judges of American football continues.

Experienced judges immediately took up the novice and explained in detail the basics of judicial mechanics, the features of the rules, etc. Then the judges discussed the features of the innovations of the rules of the game and the practice of applying the rules of competition regulations. This year everything remains the same as in the past. According to the president of ULAF Serhiy Kireev, all innovations will appear next year.

As a result of this seminar, a number of judges will receive a well-deserved increase in categories in accordance with the requirements of the new Regulation on Judicial Categories, which was adopted at the General Meeting of ULAF members on February 16.