“Vikings” – winners of League ONE

The Winners of ULAF American Football Championship League One – Mykolaiv “Vikings”! They defeated Poltava “Panthers” in the Final Game of the 6th round. The game took place on August 4-th at Poltava stadium “FC Yunost”. Score of the game – 0:30 in favor of “Vikings”.


As a result, two clubs immediately got an equal number of tournament points. Both “Vikings” and “Azov Dolphins” from Mariupol earned 16 points each. In this case, additional indicators are taken into account, namely the results of face-to-face meetings between these teams. 40 : 8 – favor of  Mykolaiv “Vikings”. Recall, that “Vikings” and “Dolphins” met each other twice in this season. On May 25-th, “Dolphins” in Mykolaiv beat “Vikings” with a minimum score of 0 : 8, and in the return match on June 9-th in Mariupol,  “Vikings” shows their stronger side – 0:40.


So, ULAF has in its assets new winners of the League One:

1st place – Mykolaiv “Vikings”,

2nd place – “Azov Dolphins”,

3rd place – Dnipro “United 2″.


The ULAF American Football Championship League One, the so-called First League, is a competition for young and developing teams, which, due to the small number of players, practicing game in format of 9×9 people.


In 2018, such competitions were not held, and in 2019 4 teams from 4 cities of Ukraine took part in them at once: “Vikings” from Mykolaiv, “Azov Dolphins” from Mariupol, “Panthers” from Poltava and Dnipro “United 2” – the second the team of the Dnipro city, which ceased to exist for the tour before the end of the competition.


All standings and results of games can be found in the League One section.