«Vinnitsa Wolves» players recognized as one of the best in Minsk

On March 3, an international tournament of Monte Clarke on the arenabol took place in Minsk (arenabol is a subtype of American football for playing in gyms). Ukraine in this tournament was represented by a team from Vinnitsa “Vinnitsa Wolves”. By the way, it was the first foreign departure of the «Wolves» in their recent history.


In total, six clubs from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine participated in the tournament. The Monte Clark Cup went to the powerful «Minsk Bison» team, and the «Karelian Gunsmiths» from Petrozavodsk made it to the competition in the final. By the way, for the third year now the team has been coached by a well-known «Skiff-DonNTU» player (Donetsk) Sergey Kornev. He was also the team’s main quarterback. We congratulate both «Minsk Bison» and «Gunsmiths» with high achievements in the tournament.

The «Amber Hawks» from Kaliningrad, who beat «Iron Wolves» from Vilnius (ranked 4th in the tournament), took the third place in a bitter struggle.

Sowing «Vinnitsa Wolves » was not easy – the Ukrainians lost the first two games of the group stage, but the «Wolves» were stronger than the «Barbarians» from Grodno in the consolation game for the 5th place.

At the award ceremony, representatives of the organizing committee separately noted two players of Vinnitsa Volkov: Leonid Dzygansky – the best defense player and Alexei Parfenyuk – the best attack player, a spare quarterback.

This year Leonid Dzygansky became a legionary and will try his hand at the Polish Championship. But Alexey Parfenyuk is a student of the «Vinnitsa Wolves» children’s and youth school. Note that «Wolves» – one of the few Ukrainian clubs, which has in its structure the children’s section and team. The success of Alexei in Minsk shows that Vinnitsa is on the right track, and clubs are able to nurture young and promising players. Behind the development of children’s sports is the future of American football in Ukraine. But the “Wolves” do not stop at this – every year the team recruits adult players. However, this is the practice of all Ukrainian clubs. Therefore, if you read these lines, you like American football, you are young, full of energy and want to try yourself in the game, come to clubs in your cities for training! Perhaps in time, your names will be named among the best players in international tournaments!


Also in the competition was attended by Ukrainian judges Dmitry Alekseev and Anatoly Kovalchuk (both from Vinnitsa, in the photo on the left). They were entrusted with judging several games in the group stage of the Monte Clark Cup and the final game for the first place.