Vladislav Avdeenko: «We will not guess, the field will show everything!»

ULAF continues to publish interviews with teams that participate this year in two championships. Today Vladislav Avdeenko, a representative of the «Atlants» Kharkiv club, answered our questions. What interesting things Vladislav will tell us about the team, read our material further!


Vladislav Avdeenko, «Atlants», Kharkiv


ULAF: Hello Vladislav! How was the offseason for the «Atlants»?

Vladislav: Hello! The offseason was hard. Unfortunately, the training was started only in February.

ULAF: Is there a specific reason for this?

Vladislav: Yes, problems with the composition. Several major players finished playing and left the club. New players are being trained, but it is still too early to pin any hopes on them.

ULAF: Bad... What do you expect from the first game of the season?

 Vladislav: From the first game we plan to get a general vision of what we managed to prepare for the winter time. Considering that the Dnieper club has made serious personnel changes, we think that playing with them will not be easy. But we will not guess, the field will show everything!


ULAF: What are your plans for your team in this championship?

 Vladislav: In the championship we hope to hold all the regular meetings and reach the playoffs. Given the small number of home games in the regular season, it is not necessary to count on any interest in us from the city authorities and sponsors.


ULAF: Thank you for your answered questions Vladislav and we wish your club good luck in the upcoming championship!


Interview prepared by Denis Polubinsky