“Wolves” held a hot camp on flag football for women’s teams of the country

“Cool day – hot, but really cool. Let’s get together more often, let’s develop it all together. Let’s help each other, even if we are rivals on the field. After all, this is one our big deal. One, two. three – “Footbaaaaaaaall”!

With these atmospheric words, the initiator of the camp, the quarterback of the Vinnitsa “Wolves” team, Katerina Teteruk, completed the one-day flag football training camp organized in Vinnitsa on August 18.

Representatives from 4 teams came to learn the basics of the offence game from 5-time champions of the ULAF: Bulldojky (Kyiv), Horsy (Kyiv), Titanides (Kamenetz-Podolsky) and newly created Panthers (Poltava). In total – 14 girls.

In the first part of the program, all players were divided in two groups. The QB’s were engaged with the She-Wolf leader Ekaterina Teteruk, receivers and rannignbacks were engaged with Ekaterina Shcherba, the most successful offence player of the Vinnitsa girls team. The speakers helped the footballers of the base. The groups later teamed up for joint game exercises to apply acquired skills. At the final stage, girls divided into three teams and played their favorite flag football.

As the organizers said, the camp program (exercises, technics, subtleties of tactics) was prepared taking into account the analysis of the ULAF Championship games. For quarterbacks – a quick and long pass, a throwing technique; for receivers and ranningbacks – deceitful movements on routes (“twitches”), fishing, “backs” [rotation – ed.]. We focused on the fake / tab technique. How much did the planned work succeed, says organizer Katerina Teteruk:

“Honestly, emotions are still going wild. I really liked everything. That’s true, I get some “fun” (you can’t find another word here): from the atmosphere, from how each of the girls had eyes burned, they wanted and tried to learn what we showed. I want to repeat it. And how the camp went and what the participants felt like, I think it’s worth asking not from me.”

The participants were pleasantly surprised by the Horses team (Kyiv), who arrived almost in full strength (7/8 football players) and together with their coach.


“Such camps are very cool and important. Here everyone communicates in a relaxed atmosphere; this primarily brings the team together. Again, camps like this, should be done, every American football team participating in the Superleague and League One championships should try to establish their own women’s team. I would like more coverage of the events from the ULAF so that more people can reach for flag football,” Ilya Starodub, head coach of the Horses women’s flag football team shares her opinion.

“Horses” have ambitious plans for the offseason: to make a big set in September, to practice, to compete for prizes in the Ukrainian League and even to declare itself at international competitions.

“Titanides” in Vinnitsa arrived in a number of three girls with their coach. The team’s receiver Olga Goryachaya says that they plan to restore training from September, and Camp will help to improve them:

“The trouble, probably, of all the teams is their backs. Very few of our players in Ukraine are able to spin correctly. It was a good opportunity to learn, because “Wolves girls” are one of the few who really succeed. They explain it in an accessible way, show it well – we hope that we will be able to.”

Silver medalists of the Season, “Bulldojky” who arrived with a support group, are also pleased with the Camp:

“It is very cool that teams sharing their experience, that we are developing this sport in Ukraine. Our task is, perhaps, not so much to become better as to attract more people, to make football beautiful. Camp is very productive, a good plan for exercises, all on the top. Some are away from what we are doing, but if it works, then you can try it,” says Inna Darienko, football player of the Bulldojky team.

Despite the unreal hot weather, the girls seemed to want to do more and more. Therefore, we came to the fact that such camps we should do more often. In the near future – to train defense. Also in an informal setting, the players and their coaches discussed the formation of the women’s flag football teams and the prospects for developing the coaching of this sport.

Recall once again, on August 24, the “Wolf Girls” team will compete in the Minsk Flag Football Cup. Representatives of the “Bulldojky” will go together with the Vinnitsa girls. Ukrainians will play with the “Angels” – the organizers of the tournament and the first women’s flag-football team of Belarus.



Text – Anna Yehorova

Translate – Denis Polubinsky

Photo – Alina Smutko