Winter Cup: how it was

On Saturday, February 23, at the sports complex of the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture ULAF Winter Flag Football Men Cup was held. This event is significant for at least two reasons.

First, the winter competition has not been for quite a long time, and secondly, we can say with confidence that the season of American football in 2019 is officially open!

6 teams took part in the Cup – “Storm” from Odessa, “Panthers” from Poltava, “Dolphins” from Mariupol, “United” from the city of Dnepr, “Wolves” from Vinnitsa and young “Hammerers” from Kiev.

By the way, the Kiev team has become a real discovery of this championship. Their oldest player is only 16 years old, and the four youngest are 14!

“Hammerers” fell lot to open the tournament. Their first opponent was the Odessa “Storm” – a team that can not be called inexperienced. And despite the strong contender, the guys from the “Hammerers” showed an amazing game. And although they lost with a score of 27-35, the gap was only 8 points, that is, one touchdown and two-point implementation. It is strong.

Another team, the opening of this tournament – “Panthers” from Poltava. A particularly vivid impression was made by the Panther quarterback Almazov Seymour. Of course, not all passes were accurate, but not everybody throws from the record book to the record book in Ukraine, and the Panther quarterback often managed to throw just such.

The team went into the final games for III place, but could not win there, and lost 16 points to the «Vinnytsia Wolves». The result of the match – 20-36 in favor of Vinnitsa.

Separately mention and “Wolves”. In the pre-match interview, the head coach of the team and part-time quarterback Yevgeny Khomin wrote that for their team to participate in the flag-football competition is “fun”. Indeed, it was clear that the team from Vinnitsa enjoyed every draw. They showed cool football. With bugs, with crashes, but really cool. From this and a pleasant result – the opportunity to compete for third place and bronze medals.

The final. The final was great. Both “Dolphins” from Mariupol and “Storm” from Odessa showed the audience an amazing sports show. Emotions were at the limit, as evidenced by the large number of “flags” thrown by the judges in both directions. Cries of support from fans of both teams. Pass combinations and draws – everything, as befits American football. The gap in several touchdowns in the first half is not a gap, it is a motivation. This is exactly what happened with Storm – they eliminated the difference and won with an incredible 48-47 score. It is this kind of American football that all his fans love. And it is this kind of football that Ukraine needs.

And we in the ULAF hope that all the teams were satisfied with their results. In the near future, detailed reports of the Winter Cup games with the opinions of some players and coaches of participating teams will appear on our resource.

The Ukrainian League of American Football thanks everyone who helped organize and conduct the competition: Vadim Boleiko, Yevhen Polivach, Dmitry Zavodovsky. As well as the judges serving 10 games in a row: Dmitry Alekseev, Ruslan Tkachenko, Tamara Karlova, Victoria Svirida, Nikolai Klimachev, Anatoly Kovalchuk.

We are pleased to announce that all fans of the contactless form of American football will soon have a bright and equally emotional show – the ULAF Spring Women’s Flag Football Cup. Follow our announcements and stay informed!

Denis Polubinsky