Iurii Gundych: «Patriots» will give fans a beautiful football!»

Today, in an interview for ULAF, the leader of the Kiev team «Patriots», the real champions of the «Top League» ULAF 2018 – Iurii Gundych!

We also recall that Iurii is the Vice-President of ULAF for marketing and advertising, which means that the «Patriots» club can become an example and a conductor of new promotion strategies for other league clubs. Additional load? Maybe. But now is not about that. Let us find out what Iurii Gundych thinks about the upcoming season and whether he will reveal to us some club secrets.


Iurii Gundych, «Patriots» Kiev


ULAF: Hello, Yuri! Our standard first question is already known to you. So tell me, how was the offseason for the team?

Iurii: Good afternoon! In principle, it is still ongoing. We plan to leave it with a traditional training camp near Kiev. But the mood is working. Season promises to be very difficult.


ULAF: What is the situation with the composition in the «Patriots»? Is the team replenished with new players?

Iurii: We managed to keep the backbone – this is the main thing. Of course, the “pension” was not spared by our team – Artem Pugach LB and Denis Kvashuk CB decided to finish with football, both were players of the foundation and both deserved honor. In the offseason under the leadership of Sergei Bezutsky had a winter set in the team. The young guys tried very hard to prove themselves in training, according to the results of 2.5 months, we selected the most promising players to the team – we will raise the generational change.


ULAF: What do you expect from the first game of the season?

Iurii: If this is going to be a match in Kiev, I would like to see Kiev stands, spectators, a full support stadium. Last year, for various reasons (schedule, stadiums), we did not really set up a dialogue with our fans.


ULAF: What are your plans for the team in this championship?

Iurii: We will fight for victory in every match! I hope we can give the fans a beautiful football, because in fact we play for them.


ULAF: And really, our fans are everything! What do you want to improve in your club this season? Whose help are you counting on?

Iurii: We hope that this season will be held under the sign of partnership. There is a goal to involve and enthrall as many organizations as possible in football related or related to sports. The task is to prepare 3-4 projects for the current year. It will be great to grow the structure of the «Patriots» both vertically and horizontally.


ULAF: Thank you, Iurii, for the good answers and good luck to your team in the championship!


Prepared an interview Denis Polubinsky